Caiden Voros

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Caiden portrait01.jpg
The Predator
Caiden Voros
Full Name: Caiden Voros
Aliases: Caid, The Red Lion, Blue-Eye, Cyclops, Redfield
Race: Achaean
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Redfield, Achaean Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: Around 7'
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Affinity: Magma
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Venatori
Caiden "Caid" (KAY-den, KAYD) Voros (VOR-ose), also known as Sir Caiden of Redfield, is a member of the Venatori. He is the older brother of Plexaura Voros and the partner of Gwenevere Vergil. Caiden is known for his strong sense of loyalty and justice, as well as his unfaltering dedication to protecting others. He is also a Conduit - a fact he keeps almost entirely to himself, concealing it even from his own family.


Caiden doesn't talk about his past much. Born in the Achaean city of Redfield to a small family of commoners, he started working to help his parents as soon as he was able - until, for whatever reason, he ran away to join the Red Legion. He refuses to speak as to why. So too does he refuse to speak about why he was dishonorably discharged and subject to public humiliation. Cast out of his legion and his home, Caiden chose to become a Venator, based on their noble goals. He was partnered with Gwen Vergil. Since then, he has gained a reputation as an extremely skilled monster hunter.

Caiden with his partner, Gwen.


Strong-willed, steadfast, laconic, and maybe even a little single-minded, Caiden is a man who truly believes in doing what is right. He always puts others before himself and does everything in his power to protect any innocent lives. Although a Venator, Caiden does not view the order as simple 'monster hunters,' but instead as guardians of those who cannot protect themselves. He frequently tries to find a peaceful solution to monster problems, but he is perfectly capable of handling the alternative, should things become violent. Caiden is a very good-hearted person, friendly and easygoing most of the time, showing great loyalty to those close to him. On the job, however, Caiden is nothing but professional, not allowing anything to distract him from his goals... even if he's learning more and more just how disturbing it can be when the lines of morality, of man versus monster, become blurred.


Caiden's story begins in the collection The Hunt Never Ends, and he will be featured in many future stories, both short stories and novels. Caiden is also an important character later in The Prophecy of the Six.