Gwenevere Vergil

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The Orphan
Gwen Vergil
Full Name: Gwenevere Vergil
Aliases: Gwen
Race: Achaean
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Piera, Achaean Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Affinity: Air
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Venatori
Gwenevere "Gwen" Vergil is a member of the Venatori. She is almost never seen without her partner, Caiden Voros, and she is known for her both her understanding of others and her unfaltering determination to fulfill her duty.


Gwen led a relatively simple childhood, or so she has led everyone to believe. Truth be told, she tells little about herself, other than the fact that she was born in Piera, mostly if not entirely raised in an orphanage, and was always brought up to believe that the Venatori represent one of the noblest Imperial orders. Joining the Venatori at a rather young age, she eventually became partners and close friends with Caiden Voros.


Although unfalteringly loyal to the Venator code, Gwen is not overly serious unless the situation calls for it. She is excitable, very curious, and does her best to remain optimistic about most everything. Always the first to ask questions, she occasionally is not very good at keeping her mouth shut, but she isn't pushy - she is willing to follow the lead of a veteran Venator if the situation calls for it, particularly as she is always eager to learn from their ways.


Gwen's story begins in The Hunt Never Ends, and she will be seen in various other stories and series thereafter.