The Hunt Never Ends

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Cover art of Caiden and Gwen by Justin RR Stebbins.
Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends is a collection of a series of stories that follow Caiden Voros and Gwen Vergil across several hunts, as they embark on tales of mystery, horror, and adventure to track down monsters - the living dead, beast-men, shape-shifters, spirits, and many more - that would do harm to innocent lives and, by whatever means necessary, put a stop to their terrors. Their motives, however, are not always what they seem.

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In the civilized world of humans, these things called ‘monsters’ have all but passed into legend. But when something goes bump in the night, when people begin to disappear, when a dark mystery begins to haunt even the most peaceful villages, there is only one organization to turn to: the Hunters. The Venatori.

Having lived a life of discipline and service, former soldier Caiden Voros finds something even worse than the wars of humans: the monsters that hunt them. Horrors yet unknown even to him and his many scars await in the claws, talons, fangs, and mysterious powers of creatures so far beyond humans that he must dedicate himself entirely to the art of slaying them.

Harboring a secret of his own and in a constant struggle to find answers while maintaining his sanity, however, Caiden begins to ask the age-old question… Who is truly worse, the monsters or the Men?