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Portrait magnhild.png
The Huntress
Full Name: Magnhild
Aliases: None
Race: Nordling
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Northrim
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Blue-green
Hair Color: Blonde
Affinity: Earth
Familiar: Wolf
Affiliations: None
Magnhild is a lone wanderer and friend of nature, as well as the little sister of Stigander. She fears the coming of the war between Northrim and the Achaean Empire, as she feels certain that, no matter who is the victor, her homeland will be changed forever.


Magnhild was born somewhere in Northrim, near the border of Imperial territory. Soon, although still very young, she was fighting in a small band of rebels, called the Wolfpack, who raided Imperial supply routes in an attempt to disrupt their influence on her homeland. Eventually, however, the Wolfpack all went their separate ways, including Magnhild's brother. Not knowing where to go, Magnhild began to wander the wilderness, as she always felt at home in the presence of nature. This did not go unnoticed by a wood elf she had fought alongside in the Wolfpack, and she invited Magnhild to join her merry band of wood elves. It is not often a human gets such an opportunity, and Magnhild gladly accepted. With them, she was given much opportunity to learn of the spirits they revered: the spirits of trees, streams, stones, animals – all of nature. She even learned to communicate with animals as only the vidralfar, and precious few others, can.

After a few years of traveling, partying, and occasionally raiding Imperial caravans with the merry vidralfar, Magnhild said her goodbyes to the nomadic elves when she heard of a war brewing between Northrim and the Achaean Empire. While searching for her now-lost brother, Magnhild began to travel toward the southern border of Northrim once more, hoping to learn more details about the coming war and the plans of the various Northern tribes and clans.


Lithe and strong, with a soft-featured face and tanned skin, Magnhild is very much a wild woman. Her blonde hair, so long it reaches the small of her back, she usually keeps in a braid. Her blue-green eyes stand out against the face paint she often wears for additional camouflage, which is generally green and ranging from almost black to bright as pine needles. She also sometimes wears paint on her arms and legs, adding to both her camouflage and untamed appearance. Left from her days with the vidralfar, she is suited in predominantly deep green leather armor and clothing of elven make, which helps her blend in with the wilderness. She also carries a Viking sword, a battle axe, and a wooden round shield, in addition to her elf-made shortbow and quiver of arrows.

She is rarely seen without her companion Moonlight, a young, stark white wolfdog with icy blue eyes.


There is nothing Magnhild values higher than her freedom. She enjoys wandering the wilderness by herself, as she has found she enjoys the spirits of nature and animals more than the company of Men. It has been many years since she truly mingled in human civilizations, and as a result she feels bound by no single law or regulation, nor does she feel required to show respect to any figure of authority. The only authority she respects is that of nature and the gods, particularly Freyja. Within most any civilization, she stands out as the wild woman she is, thanks to her way of holding a conversation. She is a woman of few words: when she speaks, she is terse and frank, immediately addressing her point. This makes her appear rude in civilization, although she often does not mean to be.


Magnhild is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six. She has appeared in Knightfall and Into the North.