Moonlight (wolfdog)

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Portrait moonlight.png
The Wolfdog
Full Name: Moonlight
Aliases: None
Race: Wolfdog (half wolf, half dog)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Northrim
Born: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Affinity: Earth
Familiar: None
Affiliations: Magnhild
Moonlight is the wolfdog companion of Magnhild.


Moonlight was born to a wolf father and a hound mother, the hound being one that went feral. His parents were chased off by a wolf pack who owned the territory, and the pack then took Moonlight in, though it didn't last long. He was still only a pup when the entire pack was killed by hunters. Magnhild found Moonlight hiding in the pack den, the sole survivor. Magnhild took the pup and raised him, and Moonlight became her steadfast companion.


Large and strong, Moonlight could very easily be mistaken for a pureblooded wolf. His fur is stark white, tinged with some silver, and his eyes are pale blue.


Moonlight's personality is a point of contention, at times: to Magnhild, he is as sweet as a puppy, as well as protective and loyal. To strangers, he is far less welcoming, and he is unafraid to attack anyone who he feels threatens or even bothers his master. Slow to trust strangers, Moonlight rarely makes new friends, and he prefers to stay far from humans... much like Magnhild herself.


Moonlight is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six. He has appeared in Knightfall.