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The term elemental refers to the inhabitants of the elemental realms. These creatures sometimes find their way to the mortal realm, or are summoned there by magi hoping to bind them to their service. Dragons can freely travel between the realms, and some dwell in the realm of their favored element, but they are not considered elementals.

Those inhabitants of elemental realms whose physical forms are entirely composed of their native element are sometimes called pure elementals by magi. Posessing great magical power, they are said to be able to take the form of man or woman for a time. They are the Ifrit, Prometheans, Sylphs, and Undines.


Salamandrae - Singular Salamandra. Long amphibious creatures bred in the sulfuric lakes of Muspelheim. They are sentient beings sometimes thought to be related to the salamander-beastfolk of the mortal realms.

Ifrit - Pure Elementals of Fire. Spirits of pure smokeless flame, posessing great magical power, often summoned by magi to serve them. Most are wicked and deceitful, unlike their arcane cousins the djinn.


Prometheans - Pure Elementals of Earth. Also called Primordials or Deep Trolls. Creatures of pure stone and clay, not unlike golems, but not under the thrall of a wizard and capable of independent thought and action.


Undines - Pure Elementals of Water, said to often take the forms of maidens. Not to be confused with merfolk or sirens.


Sylphs - Pure Elementals of Air. Like their watery cousins the Undines, they are said to often take the form of maidens, sometimes with airy wings.


Djinn - Sometimes called "arcane elementals," Djinn appear as beings of pure smokeless arcane fire, possessing immense magical power. They are less likely to be malevolent than Ifrits, but they are known to be mischievous tricksters. They are also far harder to summon than even other elementals. Once summoned, magi will go to great lengths to bind them to the mortal world, often within a vessel such as a bottle engraved with runes.