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Merfolk are beastfolk of the sea who have the upper body of a human, but with a fish's tail in place of legs. Some believe the merfolk to be relatives of the sea elves (their land-based allies), who appear similar, but the merfolk are actually descended from various types of fish Shifters. They come in an almost infinite variety of colors, most of which do not resemble any particular species of fish. They live in majestic underwater cities, much deeper than their sea elf allies ever venture. Although most are peaceful, they can be deadly fighters when provoked, dragging their land-based enemies under the water to drown. They tend to be very protective of their own kind, as discovered by sailors who attempt to capture mermaids and sell them. They are masters of the spear and net, and are renowned as great hunters. Their cave-dwelling, more serpentine cousins are the Melusine, or Eel-Folk.