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Portrait bomm.png
The Mad Mercenary
Full Name: Bommlech Blackrune
Aliases: Bomm
Race: Feldvergar (Mountain Dwarf)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown, somewhere in Nidavellir
Born: Unknown
Height: 4'4"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Unknown
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: None

Bommlech Blackrune is a mighty warrior and dwarven mercenary. Boisterous and violent, he is always looking for a fight, particularly if the pay is good.


No one knows precisely where Bomm was born and raised, for he seems to invent a new tale regarding his childhood every time someone asks. He claims to be a lowborn member of Clan Blackrune, but the clan disowned him after he accidentally killed a dwarven noble in a bar fight and was exiled to the surface world. He spent several years there, wandering Northrim and learning to survive in the surface wilderness. He fought with berserkers and learned how to work up his rage, ignore pain, and use his fury as a weapon. He also lived with the chaos races for a time, and claims to have slain an entire village of theirs, including a giant. Eventually, he joined a band of mercenary dwarves who were headed to fight for Clan Firebeard. His term of exile over, he was allowed back into Nidavellir to help fight the Svartalfar.


Bomm is a fighter through and through. He loves nothing more than battle, be it a tavern brawl or a full-on war. Covered in scars, with long unkempt hair, and with a habit of seldom bathing, he has few real friends - only those who respect him for his skill in battle and listen to his loud, boastful war stories. Due to his violent and unpredictable behavior, most consider him slightly mad. Strangely, one of the few people with whom he shares a connection is Dagfari Firebeard, who stood up for Bomm when his clan refused to reward him for his part in a great battle. Though their personalities are starkly opposite, the two dwaraves highly respect one another.


Bommlech is a main character of Into the North.