Dagfari Firebeard

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The Blacksmith
Full Name: Dagfari Firebeard
Aliases: None
Race: Feldvergr (Mountain Dwarf)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Firebeard Clanhall, Nidavellir
Born: Unknown
Height: 4'10"
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Orange
Affinity: Magma
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Clan Firebeard

Dagfari is the noble-born master smith of Clan Firebeard. Married to Brenna Firebeard, he is both a warrior and a smith, dedicated to his craft.


Dagfari jokes that he picked up the smithing hammer as soon as he was old enough to swing it, and this might very well be true. For most of his life, he was single-mindedly dedicated to his craft, learning every skill of the trade, caring for nothing else. Hoping to get him away from the forge for a while, his father sent him on a mission with his soldier cousin Vegnar. It was there that he met Brenna, the first person who was ever able to break through the well-forged iron shell guarding his inner feelings. Dagfari fell in love, realizing he had finally found something he cared about as much as smithing, and eventually the two of them were married.

Dagfari is now the grand smith of his clan, and he and Brenna have three children together.


Many would describe Dagfari Firebeard as stoic and somewhat grim, but those who know him well - mostly his wife and children - have seen the soft interior beneath his armor, and know him to be a kind and gentle soul. While he spends most of his time crafting weapons of war and knows how to use them well, Dagfari only fights and kills when necessary. He is logical, well-spoken, and diplomatic, preferring to talk through disputes rather than settle them with violence.


Dagfari is a main character of Into the North.