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The Red Elves - sometimes called the Eldalfar - are a faction of Alfar based in the city of Tor Vala in the Southwestern Wilds. They are part of the Minoan Alliance. Their numbers include all kinds of Alfar and Fay races, though most are Ljosalfar or Vidralfar. They fight under a red banner depicting a golden phoenix with the sun rising above it.


The Red Elves were founded when a number of Ljosalfar in the city of Tor Vala grew disillusioned with their people's isolationism. They wished instead to join the local Minoan Alliance of beastfolk and Amazons in fighting the encroachment of the Achaean Empire. Eventually the Red Elves political faction grew so powerful in Tor Vala that they took control of the city. They immediately sent an envoy to Minos and joined the Alliance. Many Vidralfar and Fay - already part of the Alliance - flocked into the gates of Tor Vala. Over time, the city became more and more militarized. It was the first Alfar city to have fortified walls and towers, as the Red Elves sought to fight the Empire using their own methods.


Thanks to the Red Elves, Tor Vala has the most diverse population of any Elven city - mostly Ljosalfar, Vidralfar, and Fay races, but also a small population of beastfolk from the Wilds at large, especially satyrs. Shortly after taking power, the Red Elves re-opened the controversial Red School of Magic - possibly from which they took their name. While Necromancy is still forbidden, dabbling in a few of the darker arts is permitted in order to fully train any magi born under the Red Elf banner to their full potential. Though the Red Elves still love nature, and their stated primary goal is the protection of the Wilds, they are also the only Elves to have a walled city protected by towers, which they craft from smooth stone using magic.


Though their population is smaller than the largest Alfar city at Mimameidr, the Red Elves have possibly the strongest military force of any Elven civilization. In order to confront the Empire directly, they created the Red Elf Legion - heavy-armored Elven infantry and cavalry, second to none in open field battles. They also have their own unit of Longstriders and, of course, a handful of magi from the Red School.