Victor Magnus

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Portrait victor.png
The Archer
Victor Magnus
Full Name: Victor Titus Magnus
Aliases: Vic, Magno
Race: Achaean
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Illikon, Northwestern Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Affinity: Water
Familiar: Eagle
Affiliations: The Achaean Empire


House of Magnus
Captain Victor "Vic" Magnus is a commander of the Illikon longbowmen and a steadfast Achaean soldier. He has led a simple enough life, at least until he became best friends with the knight Sir Tom Drake. Since then the two have shared a deep friendship... which frequently involves Victor either trying to keep Drake out of trouble or helping him pull through it.


Victor was born and raised in Illikon, the younger son of a noble family. He has never cared to reveal exactly how or why he was not trained in knighthood, as he is very sensitive about the subject, but at some point or another he joined the army of Illikon and became a longbowman. While he was still rising through the ranks, he met a young man who was still training to become a knight: Sir Tom Drake. Despite their differences, the two became almost inseparable friends, and since then, they have enjoyed fighting alongside each other on campaigns.


Very tall, broad-shouldered, well-built, and with prominent, chiseled features, Victor is almost statuesque in appearance. Despite his classically handsome face that stands out in a crowd, his most prominent feature is most likely his dark, well-trimmed mustache. It only further highlights his signature big, broad, and typically contagious smile.

Armor and Weapons

Victor usually wears a suit of armor, often chain, and he is rarely without his archery gloves. Being an expert archer with his six-foot longbow, Victor carries his bow and quiver of arrows upon his back at all times, and he also keeps a large, two-handed claymore for the melee fights he generally tries to avoid.


Laid-back and friendly, Victor is a very kind soul, his sense of loyalty running so deep that he often becomes stubborn. He has an unshakable sense of honor, chivalry, and many other knightly ideals, and he always helps those who cannot help themselves, no matter the circumstances. Believing generally that humanity is good, Magnus is actually quite gullible. Living mostly off his family's money, since what little coin he makes for himself he has a tendency to spend or lose very quickly, Victor has little to his own name save his weapons, armor, and mighty blood bay stallion. He does not seem to care, however, as he is so relaxed that he sometimes has difficulty even managing his personal, day-to-day affairs to the point where he can appear almost juvenile. As a commander, many say he is far too easy on his men, but he uses their frequent displays of loyalty and bravery as a defense against this argument.


Victor is a main character in The Prophecy of the Six. He has appeared in Knightfall and Into the North.