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A pair of satyrs.

Satyrs, also called Fauns, are beastfolk with the upper body, head, and arms of a human, but the hind legs and horns of a goat. Their appearance can vary, though they all have a generally more human appearance than many beastfolk. However, there is great variety in the size and shape of their horns and their height; some satyrs may be smaller and have smaller horns, while others are taller with a stronger physique, with horns like an ibex.


Satyrs seem to fully enjoy life, drinking and feasting in celebration whenever possible. They grow vineyards and orchards and trade their produce with the other beastfolk, making incredible wine and playing bawdy songs on their lyres. They worship Pan, who is acknowledged in the Achaean pantheon as a god of the wilds and of debauchery. To the satyr, it is not debauchery at all, but simply a love of life. Nevertheless, many different cultures - from men to elves to other beastfolk - have stories about satyrs luring their young boys and girls into the forest to take part in their hedonistic lifestyle. Most consider satyrs untrustworthy.

Despite this, the large satyr settlement of Cro Cabra has become a major trading center among the beastfolk and other peoples of the Southwestern Wilds. Inhabitants of the Wilds come from all over to visit its gardens and trade for Satyr produce. Some have tried to conquer it, but the satyrs always prove surprisingly able fighters. Like the Vidralfar, they are experts at disappearing into the forests and using the land to their advantage, creating deadly ambushes, and are said to dabble in dark magic. They consider themselves one with nature, and their shamanic priests are able to bend plants and animals to their will. Despite their playful and mischievous reputation, they are not to be trifled with.