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Basilisks are one of the most powerful types of pseudodragons, or dragon-kin. They are known as the Lords of All Serpents, and they are the most venomous creatures in existence, making them dangerous even to dragons.


Enormous and serpentine, the dragon-like basilisks lack any kind of wings or legs. They look very much like enormous snakes - many even have cobra-like hoods - but they tend to have horn-like spikes on parts of the head and body. Their scales are typically some shade of brown, black, or green, but some with brighter colors and patterns are not unknown.


Like so many monsters, particularly dragon-kin, very little is known about basilisks, most likely because any who stumble upon one do not live to tell the tale. It is said that their lairs are filled with thousands of lesser serpents, as the hissing of a basilisk attracts such creatures. Basilisks have an extremely powerful hypnotic gaze, and legends say that they can paralyze, petrify, or even outright kill mortals with their stare. While basilisks are extremely intelligent, like dragons, it is unknown whether or not they are capable of speech. Whatever the case, basilisks are among the most powerful and feared creatures in the mortal realm.


In spite of their countless deadly features, basilisks are best known for their poison. Their venom is the strongest known short of Jormundgand himself, so powerful that it actively corrodes weapons, and it will even travel up to the hand of the wielder unless the weapon is dropped. Wherever a basilisk travels, it leaves a trail of poisoned and dead vegetation in its wake, and their venom is powerful enough to kill even a dragon if the dose is large enough.