Spiritual Magic

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Spiritual magic is the power to interact with the spirit world - to communicate with and control the spirits that inhabit men or nature itself.


Some creatures such as certain types of elves have some slight innate spiritual magic (in the case of the wood elves, from their connection with the Vanir and the spirits of nature), but most may only access the spirit world through intense spiritual meditation. Practitioners of spiritual magic can use their power to communicate with the spirits of plants, animals, the land itself, or with the spirits of men, especially the deceased who cannot pass to the afterlife. While some may only speak with these spirits, others may influence them and use their powers to their advantage. Practitioners of spiritual magic often serve as priests in certain cultures. These individuals are usually known as shamans or druids.


By communing with the spirits of the dead, they can see into the past and make prophecies about the future. By communing with the spirit of a mountain, a plant, or a river, they can influence them to create avalanches, entangling vines, or floods. Those that commune with the spirits of animals and nature can communicate with the plants and speak with the animals.