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Men (also known as humans, collectively as mankind or humanity) are the foremost race in the mortal realm of Midgard, where they are by far the most common and, ever since the fall of the Age of Wulfgard, rule over more land than any other intelligent race.


There are many different races of men living in regions all across Midgard, and their appearances and cultures vary far too widely to be summarized. However, the mortality and mundane nature of Men - like the immortality and magical nature of elves, dwarves, and dryads - influence all of their cultures.

Compared to the Alfar, Dvergar, and now-cursed Shifters, mankind is a relatively young race, having existed in the mortal realm for only a few thousand years. Unlike elves and dwarves, men have relatively short natural lifespans, the oldest counting themselves lucky to live over a century. They also do not possess any innate magical powers, save those few individuals born with the Gift - and most human societies shun, imprison, or even destroy such individuals, fearing their power.

Yet, despite all of these shortcomings, humans have thrived, nearly overwhelming the other races of Midgard. Compared to elves and dwarves, they multiply quickly, and fill their short lives with a flurry of activity - conquering, inventing, building, and forging vast empires while elves might nurture a single new grove. Through their ambition and lust for life, men have achieved mastery of over half the mortal realm.


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