House of Lysander

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House Lysander is the current ruling house of Redfield. It is a large noble house that rules over many other noble families, and the house patron serves as Duke of Redfield.


Lysander's heraldic animal is a black scorpion on a red field. The Lysander family typically uses scorpion motifs in their armor and decorates their home and equipment with their scorpion symbol. The scorpion is derived from the fact that a manticore's tail is a scorpion stinger - with a manticore being the emblem of Lakedemon, the city that rules over all the Red Lands, including Redfield. Lysander's colors are black, red, and gold.


Among the nobles in the Red Lands, House Lysander has a rather unique history. Before their enslavement by their mage oppressors under the reign of Mage-Emperor Ildrius, the Lysanders went by a different name. Their current name, "Lysander," means "a release of a man," in reference to the fact that they released themselves from servitude.

Present Day

The Lysander family still rules over Redfield, and although they seem to have an issue in one of the family's noble sons, the family nonetheless maintains an excellent reputation among the people. The Lysander Dukes always strive to rule fairly, particularly given their family history.