Hanan al-Saffah

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Portrait hanan.png
The Assassin
Hanan al-Saffah
Full Name: Hanan Talabi
Aliases: The Nightknife
Race: Deshreti
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Southern Deshret (exact location unknown)
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Unknown
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Silent Messengers

Hanan "the Nightknife" al-Saffah is the leader of a group of Silent Messengers who operate in southern Achaea. He is known for his merciless professionalism and the pride he takes in his kills, believing them to be works of art.


Hanan and his sister Isra were the last survivors of their nomadic tribe - the Talabi - when it was slaughtered by a rival one. Swearing vengeance, they worked together to hunt down and kill every member of the opposing tribe until the debt of blood had been repaid. After they succeeded, they went their separate ways, both having different outlooks and goals in life.

Hanan was accepted into the Silent Messengers quickly thanks to his reputation after gaining revenge on the enemy tribe. They further trained him in the art of killing, and he excelled in all missions, rising steadily through the ranks. Eventually he was put in charge of the Silent Messenger group operating in the southern Achaean Empire.


Cold and merciless, Hanan al-Saffah has no qualms about killing anyone, whether man, woman, or child. He considers death to be the greatest moment of life, and killing to be a work of art.


Hanan is a main character of Into the North.