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A Demon of Wrath battles a Demon of Greed.
Furors are sanguine demons of Wrath, the spawn of Xeshm. They are the most ferocious fighters of all demons, nearly unstoppable and impervious to pain, thanks to their endless rage.


Furors are enormous, red-skinned demons with a vast array of horns, claws, and - sometimes, but not always - spiked wings. They have large maws full of countless, sharp teeth. Sometimes their limbs may even be hard to discern for all of the spines covering their body. This makes them very difficult to fight. They have blazing red eyes and have been reported to breathe gouts of flame from their throat.


As much as a Furor will revel in its own limitless fury, it derives even greater joy from goading mortals into rage. Their intent is to cause their victim to lose all self-control and do terrible deeds they might otherwise never commit. The demons themselves are quick to anger but never lose all of their self-control to rage, because they are already Wrath incarnate. So they are less likely when enraged, compared to a mortal, to commit a truly foolish action such as stumbling into an obvious trap.


Demon-kin offspring of Furors are short-tempered and enjoy goading others into fights. They have spiked horns and tails and, generally, fiery red-orange eyes. It is said they may unleash their unholy wrath for a moment of unbridled berserker fury in which the full power of the demon blood is unleashed, causing spikes and claws to erupt from their body, to be used as weapons to their enemy’s dismay.