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The Bjornings were once known as the "Great Bear Tribe," but today they prefer the name "Kingdom of Bjornburg." Bjornburg is the capital of the wide lands that they claim as their own, ruled over by King Bjornar from his high seat. They are the wealthiest of the tribes and usually attempt to remain neutral in tribal wars so as to peacefully conduct trade throughout the North. Their chief sea port is Baldur's Fjord.

Due to their wealth, Bjornburg is able to equip and train its soldiers well. Clad in scale-mail hauberks, with heavy shields and swords and helms, they are a fighting force that can truly hold its own against the Achaean Empire. The Empire is not eager to encourage such a fight, so they usually attempt to remain peaceful and trade with Bjornburg, just as the Bjornings do with the other tribes.