Adamas Plutarch

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Portrait adamas.png
The Inquisitor
Adamas Plutarch
Full Name: Inquisitor Adamas Plutarchus
Aliases: None
Race: Achaean
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Pluton Hold, Central Empire
Born: AI 1074
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: unknown
Affiliations: Inquisition, House of Plutarch

Adamas is the eldest son of Titus Plutarch, head of the House of Plutarch. He joined the Inquisition in order to hunt down his youngest brother Septimus.


Adamas and his first younger brother Albus were both renowned military leaders, bringing great pride to their father. But when their youngest brother Septimus turned out to be a mage and slew another of their brothers, Varius, as well as a veteran Inquisitor named Burkhard, Adamas joined the Inquisition and swore to hunt Septimus down and bring him to justice. His father was highly disappointed in this decision, since the duties of an Inquisitor meant that Adamas could not become head of House Plutarch until after his retirement. Thus, Lord Titus made Albus the heir to his lands and titles. Adamas was never resentful because of this, asking only for his father's blessing in hunting down Septimus, which Lord Titus granted.

On one of his missions, Adamas went to Rimegard to investigate rumors of magical activity. His investigation led him to the castle, but when he was denied access to search the building freely, he sneaked in under cover of night. While prowling the halls, he ran into a young Princess Adrianna Skiera and saw her oddly-colored eyes: one emerald green, the other sky blue. Knowing this to be a birthmark of the Gift, he chased after her. She ran to the stables and rode out of the city, hoping to lose her pursuer in the woods. A local Nordling man saw her predicament and rushed to her aid, knocking the Inquisitor from his horse. In the fall, Adamas lost his helmet. He was about to slay the Nordling when the princess reached out and - for the first time in her life - accidentally blasted him with raw magical energy. He was blown off his feet and knocked out cold.

When he awoke, Adamas found that he could not remember any events from the past few days. He had no idea what he was even doing in Northrim, much less lying alone in the woods. He also found that he now bore a hideous scar over nearly half his face, shaped strangely like the Old Achaean letter omega. Though he was unable to remember how he got the scar, its magical nature was clear, and so his determination to bring mages to justice only redoubled.


Adamas is a man of cold, hard steel. He speaks little, preferring actions to words. He is strong in his convictions and believes in doing his duty above all else. As an Inquisitor, his duty is to hunt mages. As an Achaean under Imperial Law, his duty is to bring his brother Septimus to justice. And as a Plutarch, his duty is to avenge his brother Varius and restore his family's good name. Thus, above all else, his primary goal in life is to capture or kill Septimus Plutarch.


Adamas Plutarch has appeared in Into the North and Potential Energy.