The Untouchable Tower of Nirav Sadar

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The untouchable tower.jpg
According to legend, Nirav Sadar was a powerful grand wizard and a Prince of the Sinkarya Empire during the magi wars that created the Great Wastes. Ten thousand slaves worked day and night on a tall tower in the center of the desert, so that he might stand atop it and magically see all the lands around, in order to survey the battlefields and watch the movement of his troops. From that tower, he saw the great catastrophe coming, and so he cast warding spells all around his tower for protection. But when the wave of arcane power reached his walls, it mingled with the wards in unpredictable ways. Small imperfections turned into massive explosions of energy. The very fabric of reality was warped, and no one in the tower was ever heard from again. Today, it can still be glimpsed afar off by those brave enough to travel the Wastes. They say it seems to move, first visible to the west, then to the east, though never is this movement witnessed. If one tries to reach it, it grows first nearer, then farther away. Some of the world's bravest fortune seekers have attempted to find it and loot its riches, magical artifacts, and power... but none have ever even touched its doors.