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Banshees are melancholic demons of Sorrow, followers of Ozystia. They are sometimes mistaken for undead or fey creatures, because of their spectral appearance and their role as heralds of death. They are best known for their wail, which drowns all hope from the heart of any mortal that hears it.


When disguising themselves as a human, banshees most often take the form of a beautiful woman or an old hag, sometimes partially spectral. In demonic form, they are thin, with pale white skin, long black claws, and fangs like a vampire's. They have extremely long black hair and solid black eyes that cry tears of black blood. Their feathered wings are also black, and they can wrap about the banshee like a cloak. Dark mist and shadow often follow in their wake.


Banshees exist to spread sorrow. They encourage deep despair in the hearts of others, and drive mortals to obsess over their sorrows to the point that they desire to cause similar anguish in others. Some say banshees have prophetic powers and will wail out the name of those who are about to die in order to torment them and their family. Others say they merely do this to drive their victims to madness and death.


Demon-kin spawned by banshees have solid black eyes and can emit the Wail of Sorrow, a shrill shriek that strikes debilitating hopelessness in the hearts of their victims. They enjoy causing abject despair in the lives of others and driving them to make others equally miserable.