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Wulfgard is a medieval-fantasy world created by Maegan "Maverick-Werewolf" Stebbins, Justin "Saber-Scorpion" Stebbins, and Ryan "Rycast" Stebbins. It is a low-magic setting based heavily on a combination of cultures and mythologies, with a history that largely runs parallel with the history of the ancient and medieval worlds.

Within the universe, the word refers to the an ancient name for the realm of mortals. It was used during the days of the Shifters, a race that could transform between man, beast, and beast-man at will. Since the strongest force in this age was the packs of wolf-shifters who roamed the land, the shifters called their realm Wulfgard ("wolf land"). Today that name is all but forgotten, and various cultures of men have their own names for the moral realm.