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|title=The Sage
|title=The Sage

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Portrait surandil.png
The Sage
Full Name: Surandil (Unknown)
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Race: Ljosalfr (Light Elf)
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Birthplace: Nottalfarien
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Midnight blue
Affinity: Shadow
Familiar: Raven
Affiliations: None
Surandil is an enigmatic being, a lone wanderer known among his kind as being eccentric and dangerous. However, he is very wise in the ways of magic, particularly black magic and curses - subjects other high elves shun with a vengeance, and they are wise to do so. Wherever Surandil goes, he leaves behind whispers of his great knowledge in all things dark and undesirable. His reputation is not far-reaching, but the few who know of him mostly avoid him. Some, however, seek after him as a kind of sage.


Surandil was born in Nottalfarien during a solar eclipse, which resulted in his Shadow affinity and Arcane Gift. Shunned by even other light elves for his extremely strange ways - and, to some extent, his appearance - Surandil was always a black sheep in his family. Once he felt he had learned everything he could access of the light elves' vast knowledge, he took to wandering, not so much to escape his reputation as to gain more knowledge and power. Since then, he has become a very wise and powerful wizard.


What with his Shadow affinity, Surandil's appearance is highly unusual - and he seems very willing to make it even more so. His skin remains rather pale despite exposure to sunlight; his hair is deep, midnight blue; and his eyes are a sharp grey. Very lean with sinewy muscles, Surandil is not terribly strong in the physical sense.

Armor and Weapons

The black robes and black leather armor that Surandil generally wears further accentuate his strange appearance. He is never seen without a great, mysterious tome hanging from his belt, bound in leather and steel and magic runes. He also wears an amethyst upon a silver chain about his neck, which is his familiar's anchor to the mortal realm. He often carries with him a sword on his side, and a shortbow and quiver of arrows on his back, but he always has his long, black staff.


Whatever he may be like on the inside, Surandil is outwardly very simple: utterly cold, calm, and calculating. Although very rarely showing emotion of any sort, Surandil is not one to conceal his thoughts, and he thoroughly voices every opinion and observation he makes with no fear of anyone's feelings. He views others more as experiments to be observed than actual people, leaving him with little to no emotional investment in their wellbeing, unless he is not yet done observing their behavior and abilities. Seemingly motivated only by a desire for knowledge and power, Surandil is always eager to interact with new creatures and experiment with new types of spells, among other things. He speaks very precisely, with often overly verbose sentences, and can go on for hours if one inquires about a subject he finds particularly interesting - which is almost any subject imaginable. Even in the worst of situations, more often than not, Surandil remains utterly calm and controlled, even keeping his voice absolutely level unless it is necessary to raise it for others to hear him.