Septimus Plutarch

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Portrait plutarch.png
The Magister
"Lord" Septimus Plutarch
Full Name: Septimus Plutarchus
Aliases: Lord Plutarch (self-titled)
Race: Achaean
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Pluton Hold, Central Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Affinity: Lightning
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Schola Arcana
 "Plutarch" and "Lord Plutarch" redirect here. For the family, see House of Plutarch. For its Lord, see Titus Plutarch.

Self-styled "Lord" Septimus Plutarch is the seventh son of Titus Plutarch, head of House Plutarchus. His family disowned him when they discovered he was a mage. He is currently a high-ranking member of the Schola Arcana.


Septimus Plutarch always resented being his father's youngest son and hated most of six older brothers. His father wanted him to become a historian, but he had plans to open a bank and amass his own wealth and power. All of that changed when he discovered his magical Gift by accidentally killing his father's manservant with a blast of lightning. Hoping to keep his newfound ability a secret, he went to gather magical knowledge in Coronaria and joined the Hidden, but disliked their ideology almost immediately.

His status as a mage was discovered by his brother Varius Plutarch, who confronted him at their family manor in the Black Lands and revealed that their father had named Septimus his primary heir, above all his other brothers. This is Plutarch's reason for calling himself "Lord." He was destined to never claim those titles in actuality, however, for although he killed Varius after the latter attacked him, a servant witnessed his magic and told his brothers. When the Inquisition pursued him, Plutarch killed one of their number (Inquisitor-General Burkhard) and took his void iron mask as a prize. In atonement for his youngest brother's crimes, Adamas Plutarch then joined the Inquisition and swore to hunt down Septimus.

Afterward, "Lord" Plutarch managed to seek out and contact the Schola Arcana and join the group. With his knowledge and ambition, he rose quickly through the ranks to become a Grand Magister, taking a young half-elf named Nahyr as his apprentice.

Still seeking to further his own power, Plutarch found an ancient text describing nine ancient artifacts that could grant him true immortality (without becoming undead). On his travels to the Far East to find one of these artifacts, he met and recruited Minion, who swore his life in service to the mage, becoming his bodyguard. Plutarch later also summoned Daemonique and hired Hanan al-Saffah and the Silent Messengers to help him find the artifacts.


During his years as a young nobleman, Plutarch was mostly known as a ladies' man, always trying to woo any girl who caught his eye. He was very well-educated and intellectual, never showing much promise in the martial arts of war like his brothers. Self-centered and ambitious, Septimus Plutarch seeks power wherever he can find it, because he feels that he deserves it. He does, however, take issue with the pointless wanton cruelty often displayed by the Hidden and their historical founder Ildrius to non-mages. He sees no reason to harm those who are not directly opposed to him.


Lord Plutarch is a main character of Into the North and is the protagonist of his short story Potential Energy.