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Kemhet (the Black Land, named for its fertile soil) is a great empire in the land that Achaeans call the South. It rests along the northern banks of the river Yter, which nourishes it amidst the desert. Its capital is Aneb-Nefer.

Though it was conquered by the Achaeans under Xandros, the Achaean line of Pharaohs has never submitted to the Emperor since, declaring Kemhet a sovereign nation - and they have so closely adopted Kemheti culture that they are no longer recognizable as Achaeans themselves. The local rulers of Kemhet are called nomarchs, who rule over nomes.

Kemhet is known for its enormous tombs full of riches and its formidable army backed by expert charioteers. It is also known for its exotic religion, with an ancient pantheon of animal-gods and great reverence for the dead. These gods are referred to collectively as the Old Kingdom.

A large population of dwarves lives here, called the desert dwarves but referred to as the Besak-ha locally, who have gained a surprising level of respect in Kemeheti society.