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The Drysades (singular Drysad) are dryads of oak trees. They are the most common race of dryad, living all throughout Achaea. Although the name "dryad" also refers specifically to oak trees, the Drysades are so common that it has become a general term for all types of tree-folk.


In their elf-like form, Drysades have fair skin, pointed ears, earthen green eyes, and a variety of hair colors that shift with the seasons. In spring and summer, their hair has a distinctly greenish hue. In fall, it becomes any range of yellows, oranges, or reds, and in winter, their hair becomes its most ordinary color: brown.

Since Drysades are beings of oak trees, they may turn into an oak tree or take up any level of tree-like features at will.


Like most dryads, Drysades do not have a culture as other races may imagine it. They frequently commune with their sisters to play music or speak with the spirits of nature together, but they do not construct a civilization. Living only by the laws of nature, Drysades enjoy the company of others like them, and when it comes to other dryads, they are perhaps the most accepting of all their kind. Drysades are very protective of the woods, but being peaceful in general, it is almost unheard of that Drysades would resort to violence to defend their forest homes.


Drysades primarily revere the Achaean goddess Artemis, but otherwise they worship only spirits of nature and the land. Sometimes they uphold minor nature gods or goddesses, particularly those Achaean in nature, such as Demeter.