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Achaeans are the Men who founded the Achaean Empire, whose great kingdoms span all the way from parts of Northrim into Kemhet in the South. Thus, they are often called "Imperials" by outsiders. They are incredibly skilled soldiers whose intellect and discipline has won them their sprawling empire, but they are also known for their ancient culture and beautiful works of art.


Pureblooded Achaeans tend to be about six feet tall, with tanned or "olive" complexions, dark hair, and eyes that are brown, hazel, or green. Those from more northern regions may be slightly taller, often with lighter complexions, including pale skin, blond hair, and/or blue eyes. Some of this is due to a mixture of Nordling blood, but a few notable pure Achaeans have been known to have blond hair as well, including the first Emperors. Achaeans from the Empire's southern regions tend to be a bit swarthier, though still not as dark as men of the South, except those of mixed blood. However, it should be noted that, since the Empire is so vast and has absorbed so many different peoples, many individuals of Nordling or Southron blood now claim to be Achaean, having fully adopted Achaean culture and married into Achaean families, much to the chagrin of some of the Patricians.


For information on Achaean culture and religion, please see: Achaean Empire#Culture