Void Iron

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Void iron is a rare metal from deep within the earth, close to the roots of the world, mined only by the beings of Nidavellir who have some access to it. Void iron can be shaped into armor and weapons only by those Dwarves who have mastered the art of working with it, selling it for exorbitant prices to those mortals able to pay them, such as The Inquisition.


Black, lustrous, heavy, and strong, void iron is so named not only because of its coloration but also because it does not actually reflect light. Instead, it seems to absorb the light itself as it does magic.

Protection against Magic

The most important and unique property of void iron is its ability to absorb magic; any magical energy directed at something crafted from void iron dissipates, absorbed by the metal and causing no harm. For this reason, it is prized above all else by those who hunt and battle mages and other magical beings. To possess a void iron artifact is a mark of true prestige.