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Voc, also called the City of Dragons or The Nameless Village (shortened to Nameless by locals), is a legendary place shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that, far in the Jagged Edge, nestled deep in a vast and lush valley, lies a settlement in which dragons have gathered together for reasons unknown. A variety of dragons actually getting along with one another is all but unheard of, however, so many of these legends are denied by scholars. It is said that Voc was created by a great, enigmatic silver dragon known only as Silver or The Nameless One.

Rivalry with Syflage

Although it seems impossible that anyone or anything could hope to counter a village full of dragons and only the gods know what other creatures, Voc has a long-standing and deep rivalry with the monster city called Syflage. This rivalry supposedly began long ago, as Voc and Syflage made contact and attempted to live peacefully together, but found that impossible due to extreme cultural differences. Syflage is a vile city of corruption, whereas Voc represents a much purer culture. Due to their hatred for one another, they frequently carry out raids on the other city, and they both have spies in their midst. Generally, Voc is more successful at this effort than Syflage, but this has not stopped the monster city from continuing in its ways.