Vegnar Firebeard

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Portrait vegnar.jpg
The General
Full Name: Vegnar Firebeard
Aliases: none
Race: Feldvergar
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Firebeard Clanhall, Nidavellir
Born: unknown
Height: 4'9"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Affinity: Fire
Familiar: unknown
Affiliations: Clan Firebeard

Vegnar is a Feldvergar of Clan Firebeard, serving as the General of their Void Iron equipped anti-mage army called the Voidwall.


As a noble-born dwarf of Clan Firebeard, Vegnar led a mostly comfortable life... until he decided to join the army. Despite being a noble, he decided to start at the lowest rank and work his way up on his own merit, so that he would know how the average soldier lived. Of course, he was still a Firebeard, so he was promoted fairly quickly - but with the full support of his men, who loved him. He eventually ended up as General of the Voidwall, concentrating on protecting his soldiers from the threat of magic - a weapon rarely seen, but sometimes employed by other peoples such as the Svartalfar, and extremely deadly.


After his many years among the common soldiers, Vegnar has become a bit more rough around the edges than most nobility. He speaks his mind bluntly and prefers to use aggressive tactics in battle.


Vegnar appears prominently in the fourth chapter of Into the North.