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The Umbra Coven are a clandestine order theorized to exist as a network hidden throughout various groups, such as the Inquisition, and perhaps even more organizations, including the Venatori, the Imperial Legion, various other knightly orders, royal officials throughout the land, and perhaps even the Knights Templar. Almost nothing is known about them. They are, essentially, a sect of the Hidden, as they exist and operate in the same manner. Whether they are allied with the Hidden themselves is highly suspected but unable to be confirmed.


The Umbra Coven may not even exist. Their existence is often considered a conspiracy theory of sorts, and very few even know of the possibility of their existence. In fact, many larger organizations openly deny its existence when those few who have heard of it begin to ask questions. Orders such as the Inquisition, Venatori, Templars, and other official Imperial organizations do not condone investigations into the Coven's existence, regardless of what individuals within their orders may think. The reputation of such orders stand at risk if they so much as entertain the idea that spies for some evil cult could exist all throughout the Empire. The idea, put bluntly, sounds preposterous, especially as no organization could maintain that much discipline and communication through so many factions without being discovered. No one can confirm the Umbra Coven's existence, and no supposed Umbra Coven spy has ever uttered their name, making them largely just a theory. For more information, see the History section of this article.


The beliefs of the Umbra Coven are largely unknown. However, it is speculated that they have beliefs similar to the Hidden, although they have no allegiance to Ildrius. Generally speaking, the Coven most likely believes that undead - particularly vampires - and mages are superior to mortals and mundane individuals. Greater beings should, as a result, rule over the lesser ones. The Umbra Coven most likely work toward the goal of a world ruled by these "more powerful" and/or "better" beings. They - supposedly - have spies throughout many different orders, both Imperial orders and the Hidden, to attempt to play events into their favor.


Members of the Umbra Coven are thought to vary wildly: in truth, all one would need to align themselves with the Coven is to agree with their set of beliefs. Although the Umbra Coven looks down on mundane individuals and mortals, they are willing to accept them into their ranks to use them to their advantage, as they could potentially be spies in certain organizations that other beings could not easily infiltrate. However, by and large, members of the Umbra Coven include vampires, mages, those who have made a pact to gain Demonic Magic, other forms of undead, and perhaps even demon-kin. As evidenced by their name, it is thought their prime members are vampires.


The Umbra Coven may have been started by Albertus Lysander, after the failure of his plans in Redfield - or it may be an older organization that he is a part of. Albertus Lysander, a mastermind, is thought to have forged the Umbra Coven as a means to achieve his goals while still taking advantage of the already-established Hidden. Lysander revealed after the Redfield incident that he planned to use every existing organization for his own ends, referring to his order as the "Umbra Coven" and bragging of the power he would one day wield. Given the very limited number of references to the Umbra Coven and the inability to find information about them, the Umbra Coven's existence is now dismissed as a theory. The occasional traitor or spy found within various organizations points to the possibility of its existence, but its members - if they truly are members - have been very well trained to deny their order's existence. Only very few mentions of the Umbra Coven have been brought up, and several spies have supposedly confessed, but their confessions were quickly shut up by various Imperial orders, furthering the conspiracy theory. Even today, the Umbra Coven remains cloaked in its namesake shadow.