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The Whitewolf, as he is sometimes said to appear.

The Six are the mysterious, powerful Lords of the Werewolves spoken of frequently in tales; they go by many different names. They are the largest and strongest of their kind, and the most powerful of all the descendants of the Shifters. They are said to be among the most powerful beings in the mortal realm.


There are some who believe that the Six do not actually exist. They say that references to werewolves of these particular colors are simply coincidental and could be referring to any large and powerful werewolves. Those who do believe the stories, however, say that the group consists of six werewolves, each of a different color and wielding different abilities. They appear in tales from throughout the ages, leading believers to speculate that they are either immortal or that members of the Six choose heirs upon whom they bestow all their power at death. Some werewolves have taken to venerating the Six, while others barely acknowledge their existence.


Though tales say that the Six are the only werewolves with the power to transform at will, they almost never appear in stories in their human form, leading some to believe they do not have one. As the Lords of the Werewolves, or archwerewolves, as some call them (some Old Achaean legends refer to them as archlycanthropes), a mere howl from one of the Six will exert a strong influence on a werewolf to transform and follow their leader: an urge that is as powerful as the full moon and impossible to resist. Both wolves and vargs also answer this call.

Legends have also claimed that the Six posses even more magical (mostly elemental and spiritual) powers, and simply through direct eye contact, they can cause unimaginable fear or stare directly into the person's soul. Some even say that the Six can steal others' souls through eye contact, as well as causing someone to fall mute. Obviously, there are many other claims about powers wielded by the Six, but it is unknown which of these powers - if any - are true.

Members of the Six

The Whitewolf

The Whitewolf is usually described as a white werewolf with black claws and pale blue eyes, often wearing feathers, necklaces of teeth, and other shamanistic ornaments. On the Sunset Isles far out to sea in the west, he is known to some cultures as Amarok, a giant wolf who kills those foolish enough to hunt alone, and to others he is a benevolent (if vicious) spirit simply called Vengeance.

The Brownwolf

The Brownwolf is described as a brown werewolf with green eyes. He is usually depicted wearing tattered cloth and is said to be a guardian of forests and animals. Some have claimed that the Brownwolf is worshipped by some clans of wood elves, who call him the Forest Father and other such names, even equating him with Cernunnos. He is sometimes depicted with antlers.

The Blackwolf

The Blackwolf, as he is sometimes said to appear.
The Blackwolf is described as a black werewolf with red eyes. He is sometimes depicted wearing rich ornaments and a short cape. Although legends speak of all the Six using Elemental magic, the Blackwolf is said to use it most often, along with other magic tricks to confuse his enemies.

The Greywolf

The Greywolf is described as a grey werewolf with orange eyes. He is often described as wearing ornaments of a Northrim warrior, and some say he was the original inspiration for the Northern berserkers.

The Goldwolf

The Goldwolf is described as a golden werewolf with deep blue eyes. She is depicted wearing shining golden ornaments and even bits of armor. Of all the members of the Six, she is the one most commonly described as being active during daylight.

The Redwolf

The Redwolf is described as a crimson red werewolf with bright, golden-yellow eyes. The Redwolf is generally depicted wearing little or no clothing, and she is portrayed as a savage animal and a cunning hunter, the most vicious of all the Six. Her epithets include the Bloodwolf, the Crimson Devourer, and more.