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A succubus minion of Lilit.
Succubi (female, singular succubus) and Incubi (male, singular incubus) are sanguine demons of Lust, followers of Lilit


In their human guise, Succubi and Incubi are always incredibly beautiful. Their demon form retains most of these human features, but with a pair of long horns, wings, a tail, and blackened limbs that end in claws, with either clawed or goat-like feet.


As demons of Lust, succubi and incubi tempt mortals into sin, particularly of a sexual nature. They encourage mortals to charm one another for foul purposes, to be unfaithful to their lovers, and always to give in to their carnal lusts. These demons also enjoy using their beauty to learn the darkest secrets of mortals, using those secrets to their advantage.

It is noteworthy that succubi and incubi have seemingly no interest in mating with each other - only with mortals. This may be because demons are incapable of reproducing with one another, or because they enjoy the act of tempting a noble mortal into sin more than the act of sex itself.


In addition to their shapeshifting and natural powers of seduction, succubi and incubi have a deadly kiss. They can draw the soul out of a mortal's body through the mouth, and only the strongest-willed mortals are able to resist once their lips have touched. Demons of lust are also capable of dreamwalking, entering a mortal's consciousness while he is in his weakest and most suggestive state. It is not known for certain whether they can steal a mortal's soul with a kiss in this state, or if they simply use this ability to find out his wildest dreams in order to more easily seduce him in the waking world.


Demon-kin of lust are naturally one of the most common types of demon-kin. In fact, they may account for well over half of all demon-kin spawned. While some mistakenly assume that all demons of lust and their children crave sex above all, in reality they mainly enjoy the act of using someone else's lust to their own advantage, especially if it causes the downfall of the person in question. Demon-kin of lust cannot suck out a person's soul with a kiss, but they can still "taste" it - sensing that person's deepest feelings and desires while simultaneously putting them into a weakened, trance-like state, open to any other kind of attack the demon-kin wishes to inflict.