Stevan Randal

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Portrait stevan.png
The Templar
Stevan Randal
Full Name: Knight-Captain Sir Stevan Randal
Aliases: Steve
Race: Nordling
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Stonebridge, Achaean Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 6'2"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Affinity: Light
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Knights Templar
Knight-Captain Sir Stevan Randal is a decorated Templar warrior, known for his humility, as well as his unwavering determination to protect others and do what is right. He is close friends with Plexaura Voros.


Stevan does not speak much about his past, preferring to avoid the subject whenever possible. He has said, at least, that he was born in Stonebridge to a family of Nordlings, and that he spent some time in the Imperial Legions. Although he's never said exactly why it is he left the Legion, he - a born commoner - was formally knighted by Grand Master Aurora Caelestis of the Knights Templar herself for an act of heroism she witnessed on the battlefield. It was shortly thereafter that he became a member of the Knights Templar, rising quickly in the ranks... though, at times, he has occasionally let show that something in his life is causing him a good deal of distress, and even causing him to drift away from his family, with whom he has always been very close.


Tall, immensely broad-shouldered, and with a very impressive and muscular physique, Stevan looks like a living statue representing perfection of the human form. His clean-shaven face is strikingly handsome, with lean and chiseled features, and his hair is short-cropped and golden-brown. His eyes are so bright a blue they almost seem to glow. The entirety of his incredible appearance could even potentially distract one from the long, jagged scar that runs across his throat, as if it had been slit.

Armor and Weapons

Stevan wears scale mail and plate armor decorated in red, gold, and silver; almost every piece of it is spangled with the stars of Astra. He sometimes wears a winged spectacle helmet and a coif, but only in battle. He has a fine round shield - also bearing Astra's star - that is usually strapped to his back, and he carries a broadsword sheathed at his side.


Seemingly embodying the perfect knight, Stevan is calm, collected, humble, brave, honest, friendly, and chaste. Although he frequently questions himself and falters on the inside, Stevan almost never lets it show, nor is he very willing to even confide in others about any issues he may have.


Stevan will appear in Echoes of the Mage-Emperor, and he appeared in the short story "Wrought in Gold."