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One of the rarer types of dwarf, Sjordvergar (Sea Dwarves) dwell in rocky coastline caverns and are at home where sea-mist and the smell of salt-water fills the air. They worship Njord, the Nordic god of the sea.


Sea dwarves are generally a little taller than other dwarves. Their hair is usually a dull, greyish color, ranging from grey-brown to shades of green and blue, and their eyes are always sea colors: blue, green, or grey. Their skin is light, but vaguely greenish or greyish.


Most dwarves despise the water, making sea dwarves something of an enigma. They are surprisingly nimble, and they are good swimmers, thanks in part to their slightly longer legs than most dwarves. They are also more intrepid and adventurous than other dwarf races, though their adventures are usually limited to the sea. Some join bands of pirate or viking raiders, but most stick to their own families in their sea-cave homes and armored ships. They seldom trade with humans, only with other dwarves, who buy products of the ocean from them as well as treasures from foreign lands. They are also rumored to have good relations with the sea elves and frost dwarves.


Sea dwarves worship Njord almost exclusively, as they were created by him. They also follow Njord's frost-giant wife, Skadi, and the other Nordic gods, but are less worshipful of their ancestors than some dwarf races.