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Saurva, or Tyrannos, is the demon Lord of Tyrants. He takes the form of a tall lordly human, or an immense red-skinned demon with a crown of black horns, deep purple eyes, the wings of a black dragon, and a black lion's mane that forms his beard and covers his back and upper torso. His legs are also black-furred and have lion-like feet. He is typically seen wielding a long black staff with his crown shape on the end.


His are the souls of leaders who abused their power over the lives of others, and whose only goal in life was to attain more power over their fellow men.


His followers are sanguine demons who share his appearance except with a lion’s maw instead of a beard. They can also assume more monstrous sanguine features as well, gaining the legs, claws, and head of a red lion, with a mane of coarse black hair or spines. They encourage others to seek out power for themselves and enslave the weak with an iron fist.


Demon-kin offspring of Saurva's spawn will usually have deep purple eyes and a crown-like circle of horns. It is said they can dominate a single individual’s mind completely for a time.