Runic Magic

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Sometimes incorrectly classified as a subset of Arcane magic, Runic magic is the entirely non-verbal art of using the ancient runes of the Eldest Langauge, also called the Language of Creation (because some believe it to be the language of the first gods, who created the universe).


Dwarves are the undisputed masters of Runic magic, and its patron deity is Odin, who gave up his right eye in order to gain the wisdom to properly use the Runes.


No living creature can speak Eldest, and the true meaning of the individual runes is not fully understood, especially since very subtle alterations made to the shape of a rune can cause drastically different effects. Runic magic can be used to enchant magical items, erect magic barriers, create permanent portals between locations, give life to carved statues (create golems), and many other uses. Although many other types of magic can be inscribed as runes (the language of Muspelheim carved onto a sword, for instance, can enchant it with fire), Eldest Runes are more potent and more permanent.