Rognosst (Dragon)

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The primary deity of the reptilian beastfolk that dwell within Rognosst Swamp, particularly the lizardfolk, is a being they refer to as "the dragon god Rognosst," from which the swamp receives its name. This dragon is the only creature said to live within the Forest of Shadows, though few have ever seen him. The lizardfolk offer sacrifices to him on a daily basis, or more often on days of special occasion, in times of need or fear, or for some other unique event. The beastfolk worshiping him have built a mighty, if bloodthirsty, civilization in his honor, complete with enormous stone pyramids, great carvings, and even some primitive writings. It is said that, if the civilization of the reptile beastfolk is badly threatened, Rognosst will arise from the shadows of the corrupted woods to defend his worshipers.