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The rat-folk are an elusive race of beastfolk that tend to go unseen. They do not often form societies, instead often drifting among other beastfolk cultures and frequently living on the outskirts. Some even live in the underbellies of human cities, hiding in the sewers and staying away from the sight of Men.


Rat-folk have a typical beastman appearance, with the head, legs, tail, claws, and fur of their animal counterparts, but the arms, torsos, and hands of men. Although some tales claim otherwise, rat-folk are not exceptionally small. In fact, they are generally the same size as humans, although this still means they are smaller than many other kinds of beastfolk. They also are not often as well-built and muscled as their more predatory beastfolk kin, as rat-folk tend to be much leaner and sinewy, but this does not mean an ordinary human should underestimate their strength. They have fur colors typical to rats - grey, brown, white, and sometimes black - and their eyes come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from black to red to blue to green.


Lacking in a true culture of their own, rat-folk are vagrants, scavengers, and peddlers. They often dwell along the outskirts of other beastman civilizations, living off their refuse and scraps and generally taking advantage of their civilization. Although beastfolk consider them little better than pests, this is not always true, and rat-folk frequently find work in beastfolk civilizations as thieves, spies, and assassins, and other rat-folk are welcome as traders of interesting goods stolen from human cities. Rat-folk can even be found in the larger cities of Men, making their homes in the sewers and other places where they will never be seen by humans. They generally only come out at night to steal food and then escape back to their well-placed hideouts, where they sometimes hoard trinkets and other supplies.