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Pixies are an extremely magical type of being that were once various types of insect Shifters. Now they are all innately Fay in nature, wielding powerful magic that remains largely a mystery to Men.


Varying wildly in appearance, some pixies are descended from butterfly shifters, while others have wings that more resemble a dragonfly or some other type of fly. Generally speaking, pixies appear as very tiny elves with insect wings and - sometimes - antennae. They all have pointed ears due to being Fay. Their hair comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors, as do their eyes, which are almost always bright. Their wings can bear many patterns, and some pixies look much stranger than others, with differently colored skin and - sometimes - even more insectoid heads. More often than not, however, pixies are actually very attractive.


Due to their crossing over into the spirit realm and the strange experiments they performed with Arcane and Spiritual magic, pixies have a very wide range of abilities, the nature of which Men can only speculate. How exactly they came to acquire these abilities and also avoided the full extent of the Shifter curse, even the pixies themselves largely do not remember.

Changing Size

As a result of some magical anomaly, pixies can change size as they please, ranging from anywhere between a few inches tall to the height of a short wood elf, around four or possibly five feet tall.


All pixies possess the ability to emit a natural light from their bodies. They have no clearly bio-luminescent organs, instead simply glowing with a magical light. The color of a pixie's glow varies among individuals, and some pixies glow very unusual colors, but most generally glow yellow or a light shade of blue, with green also appearing frequently.


Although all pixies bear the aforementioned abilities, they should not be assumed as the only powers that pixies possess. Indeed, pixies remain largely shrouded in mystery, and people continue to spin rumors about other abilities they may have. Many have speculated that pixies may also have some kind of innate connection to the spirit realm, allowing them to pass to and from it almost at their whim.


Pixie culture is largely unknown to Men, as they generally prefer to keep to themselves. They tend to live in small, secluded homes up in trees, often in forests or - sometimes - swamps, such as Rognosst Swamp. Although mischevious, they are not necessarily malevolent, and some pixies even attempt to aid travelers without them realizing they were ever there. All that is known about their culture is that they revere magic in general, and Gifted individuals among them need not fear being shunned by their kin. They also seem to revere a good joke, as many pixies enjoy to play pranks, including petty things such as tangling hair, tickling others, and moving nearby foliage to feign the presence of an enemy. Worse pixies are thieves, stealing small trinkets - mostly jewelry - from travelers while they sleep. Some pixies also use their glow to lead travelers various places, whether it is back onto or away from a path, into the lair of a monster, or simply away from their homes.

Pixies frequently ally themselves with some tribes of wood elves, vargs, trolls, some types of beastfolk, and other woodland creatures, sometimes including light elves. However, some pixies keep to themselves, as they can sometimes be chaotic, protective, and self-serving. All pixies are willing to fight fiercely to protect their homes, particularly if the enemies threaten nature in general.