Phobos and Deimos

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Phobos and Deimos, Twin Princes of Fear and Dread, are the demon lords of Fear. They often follow in the train of the war-god Mars in humanoid form. Their demonic forms, however, feature enormous mouths with long, sharp teeth, long arms with tentacle-like fingers, and withered, tattered wings. Their black skin, yellow eyes, and terrifying silhouette strike an unnatural fear into all onlookers.


Theirs are the souls of those who used fear and terror as weapons, terrorizing the innocent for their own pleasure or power. They also receive the souls of cowards who gave into evil in order to save their own lives, at the expense of others.


Their minions are phlegmatic demons who vary wildly in appearance. Their skin is black, and their eyes usually yellow. Most have tentacles combined with a wide variety of other demonic features. Their hideous appearance causes terror in mortals with a glance, and it is said they can use illusion magic to take the form of whatever a person fears most. Their intent is to goad mortals into ruling a land through fear. They encourage cowardice and revel in terrifying mortals, heightening their dread and paranoia.


Phlegmatic demon-kin of Fear, like their demon parents, vary wildly in appearance. Their yellow-eyed gaze causes terrible fear in most mortals.