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Perhaps the most unusual of all dryads, the Oreades (singular Oread) are dryads of pine - and other conifer - trees that dwell in valleys, ravines, and high in alpine mountain ranges, including along the Jagged Edge. They are the most easily angered of all the dryads, and as a result, they are often considered the most dangerous.


Although as beautiful as the rest of their kin when in their fair-skinned, elf-like forms, Oreades are among the most unusual-looking of the dryads. Their hair is always bright green, like the needles of their associated tree. Their green eyes tend to match, but they range in hue from pale to bright, and sometimes Oreades even have pale blue eyes.

When they assume a more tree-like form, Oreades take up a very terrifying appearance. They can turn their skin to rough bark, like all their kind, but Oreades can also grow sharp needles that vary in length and type depending on their tree. They can also, of course, turn entirely into their type of tree, be it a pine, fir, or other conifer.


Oreades are generally just as peaceful as other dryads, but when riled, they are unafraid to retaliate with violence. Oread warriors are incredibly fearsome, using their sharp needles to injure others and even flinging them like darts. Otherwise, Oreades form closely-knit communities within the vast, black forests of Northrim and certain regions of Achaea. They are very suspicious of outsiders, even more so than many other dryads, but many of them befriend bands of Vidralfar when they pass through their forests.


Like most dryads, Oreades generally worship Artemis, and some accompany her on her divine hunts. However, Oreades have taken to the gods of Northrim as well, and many of them also worship various Vanir, such as Freya.