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Ogres are one of the choas races. It is unknown what race the Jotnar were attempting to mimic when creating them. Some speculate it was forest trolls.


Ogres stand approximate ten feet tall and are broad and muscular, with greyish skin that may be slightly blue, green, or red in hue. Younger and more intelligent ogres may stand fully upright, but most are slow-witted and stand hunched, sometimes with their arms dragging the ground.


Ogres are the largest of the chaos races besides the giants and their kin, so logically they should be the leaders in the chaos race society, which is founded entirely on strength. And sometimes this is the case - many an army or raiding band of orcs and goblins has been led by a great ogre chief. But a great many ogres are sluggish and slow-witted, and end up acting as little better than pack animals and siege engines for strong orc warlords. Ogres are more solitary by nature than the other chaos races and spawn more slowly, so they are rarely seen in large numbers together. Those who break away from the armies of chaos usually dwell in caves alone.