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The Hospitaller
Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: Nox, The Dark Star, Vampire's Bane
Race: Achaean
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Achaean Empire
Born: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Affinity: Unknown
Familiar: Unknown
Affiliations: Knights Hospitaller
The mysterious, undead-hunting knight known only as Nox is a renown Hospitaller, known primarily for being an enigma who seems interested only in the eradication of undead, particularly vampires.


Little is known of the knight who now calls himself Nox. He came to Starfire Isle as a very young man and joined the Knights Hospitaller there, dedicating himself in particular to the idea of eradicating undead from the face of the mortal realm. Since then, he has always been known as he is now: heavily armored, quiet, and driven. Those few who do know of his past are revealing about as much as Nox himself: nothing.


Though he stands only just over average height, Nox's armor makes up for it, leaving him towering over most around him. Always clad head to foot in a full set of solid black armor, every section of it decorated in the stars of Astra, Nox has even gone so far as to chain his great helm to his gorget, to make absolutely sure his neck never becomes in the least bit exposed to any awaiting vampire. He is never seen without this panoply or even out of it, so it remains unclear what exactly he looks like.


Predictably stoic and grim, Nox is always the silent one. It can be nigh-upon impossible to drag even two words from him, except perhaps when one has a question related to the undead. Single-minded and occasionally called ruthless, Nox has but one goal in life: to destroy the living dead. Despite his reputation, however, Nox is nonetheless a true knight of Astra, abandoning even his previous identity to devote himself entirely to the service of others. He is never seen doing anything ordinary in public, even eating; otherwise, he would have to let his guard down in even the smallest way, which is something Nox is not willing to do.


Nox will appear in an upcoming story focusing on the city of Redfield.