Moira Cassidy

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Portrait moira.png
The Handmaiden
Full Name: Moira Cassidy
Aliases: none
Race: Nordling
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Northrim
Born: unknown
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Affinity: unknown
Familiar: unknown
Affiliations: House of Skiera

Moira Cassidy is the handmaiden of Adrianya Skiera of Rimegard.


Moira was born in a small village outside Rimegard in the Imperial Kingdom of Northrim. Her family are Nordlings, descended from the same clan as Sidney Caiside - but from a part of the clan that settled in the Empire rather than continuing to fight it. They were hired to work in the castle by King Eltan Skiera, who grew to like them and eventually assigned Moira as the handmaiden to his daughter Adrianya. The two quickly grew to be fast friends.


Innocent and naive, Moira has led a sheltered life and knows few people outside the Rimegard castle. Her best friend is the Princess, Adrianya. Small and petite, Moira barely looks any different than she did as a teenager. Her red hair and freckles speak to her Northern lineage, as does her accent. Though polite and proper most of the time, her Nordling blood shines through when partying, and she has been known to get quite rowdy, especially when drunk.


Moira appears in Into the North.