Mercenary Companies

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In the war-torn world of mortal men, it can sometimes be difficult for a certain faction to raise enough soldiers to defeat their enemies. In these cases, they will often turn to mercenaries. Also called sellswords, these hired blades are shunned by most law-abiding patriots as turncoats - men without a flag or country - men without honor. But in many cases, they are forced to swallow their pride as their leader hires a mercenary company and forces them to fight beside the regular soldiers. The most elite and infamous companies are listed on this page.

The Burning Brand

The Burning Brand mercenaries take their emblem from similar flags flown by the Armies of Chaos, representing the sword of Surt. Since most of the mercs have never seen a member of the Chaos Races, and may not even believe in Surt, they view this symbol merely as a way to strike fear into their enemies. Operating mostly in the Achaean Empire, the Burning Brand are often hired for law enforcement purposes by local kings and lords, usually to put down petty rebellions and bands of outlaws. They concentrate mostly on infantry, armed with well-crafted shields and swords and armor, paid for by the exorbitant rates they demand.

The Grim Companions

Flying the flag of a white skull with the paint running down the black field behind it, the Grim Companions were formerly pirates and bandits, but they found working for kings and lords to be even more lucrative than raiding them. Operating all along the coast of the Achaean Sea, they concentrate on naval combat and cavalry hordes, using numbers and hit-and-run tactics to make up for their often sub-par equipment. They are willing to take on almost any job if the pay is worthwhile, and their rates are very competitive.