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The Makhai (singular Makhe), also known as the Demonic Legion or the Demon-Knights, are choleric demons of War, followers of Polemos.


The demons of War are huge, man-shaped demons whose skin is a natural suit of armor with horns and glowing red eyes. This armor skin shifts and can form a variety of weapons from their own limbs, and even their insectoid wings are covered by armored shells. They are capable of merging into one enormous being.


Makhai revel only in war. They live for violence and destruction, pillaging and burning, and all the sorrows and plunders of war. They encourage mortals to acts of total war, killing all in their path and salting the earth behind them.


Demon-kin of Makhai are extremely difficult to defeat. They have black eyes and horns, and may grow an armor shell to protect themselves, with spikes on their limbs to lash out at enemies. They usually serve as commanders in armies, leading troops to acts of terrible destruction.