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Magical beasts are primarily comprised of various kinds of giant animals. Most of them are highly intelligent and capable of speech. For nearly all of them, their origins remain a mystery.

Background and Nature

The history and nature of nearly all kinds of magical beasts are entirely unknown. In some cases, it is thought that these creatures were created by various gods to represent their favored animal. For instance, explanations behind the existence of vargs vary wildly: some say they were created by Odin, the descendants of his wolves Geri and Freki, to protect the world from evil and mentor Men in how to survive and create a thriving society - but others refuse to believe that vargs are unrelated to the dreaded werewolf.


An almost endless variety of magical beasts walk the various realms, though like other monsters, they are now almost never seen by Men and have all but passed into legend. For a list of some magical beasts, see Category:Magical Beasts.