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Lindwurms (feminine "Lindwyrms") are a type of dragon-kin. They are usually less intelligent than true, winged dragons, but they are nonetheless extremely dangerous foes and can grow to enormous sizes. They are most often found burrowed underground or in caves, either in the far South, in the Jagged Edge, or even in the Wastes. Some lindwurms dwell in the water as well, where they are often mistaken for sea serpents, though they lack in gills and must surface for air.


Lindwurms vary widely in appearance, much as dragons do, and look very similar to dragons themselves, though their scales are usually less colorful and lustrous. The only clear, persistent distinction between a lindwurm and a dragon is the lack of wings.


Very little is known about lindwurms. It is believed that some are capable of breathing some fire, though only natural fire rather than any magical type, and that they have a poisonous bite. However, tales conflict on the exact abilities of lindwurms, leaving them shrouded in mystery, much like dragons themselves.